Potato Stars

20-odd years. 90+ members.

One man in the centre of the tempest: Brian Dunne.

Somehow, I got roped into this crazy band in 2015 and first joined the Potato Stars on a whirlwind five-day tour of Cambodia (with Ned Kelly on bass, Shuhei Murakami on guitar and Alan Ou on drums).

Returning to Perth later that year, I joined another incarnation of Potato Stars which lasted until 2017:

Brian Dunne – vocals
Cissi Tsang – lead guitar/backing vocals
Hurb Jephasun – rhythm guitar/backing vocals
Pete Lisiewich – bass
Tony Pola – drums

During our two years together, we played quite a few shows and released two EPs.


Baked (2017)

The Bill (2016)