Collapsing Time is a collaboration between audio-visual artist Cissi Tsang and visual artist Lauren Broom.

Collapsing Time is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary project based on observations during trips into the Wheatbelt. The website features documentation of conversations between the artists, as well as recordings, photographs, textiles and sculptures inspired by the area.

Cissi’s work involves audio-visual projections combining field footage with music visualisations and compositions created from data elements of the found environment. Working primarily with textiles, Lauren is investigating  what may be achieved by weaving tapestries directly from memories of images, that is without copying from a design. This website documents their experiences of going out into the Wheatbelt landscapes, the sensations of the elements, walking in the landscapes where Lauren’s grandmother grew up, and the dialogue occurring between the artists and the community.

About The Artists:

Cissi Tsang

Lauren Broom