Works: 2016

There Is No Escape From Yourself

This album was created from a mixture of multiple field recordings taken during wanderings around the woods, acoustic guitar, hexadecimal data and percussion mapped from the contours of the environment. The works are a deeply personal journey that explores the changes in the lands as it moves towards winter, and its resonance on me as I reflect on my own changes in life.

Created during the Silence Awareness Existence residency program, Arteles Creative Centre, Finland.


The Light That Is Waiting

Imagine yourself walking alone in The Pinnacles, on a winter’s afternoon. There is a storm brewing on the horizon and the sky is a mottled grey. As you climb one of the dunes, the sky opens. You continue onwards despite the wind and the rain. The dunes fall away to reveal silent sentries scattered across the desert landscape.

Walking through the Pinnacles – initially there is a sense of walking into a void and finding oneself in an alien landscape, but then there are little familiar signs of life scattered around the desert landscape. There are little plants, fallen branches, flowers, a distant treeline… maybe even a bird or two twittering away.

(from the performance notes)

With Nicole Canham and Decibel New Music, performed as part of the Peggy Glanville-Hicks address held in Perth. Here is the graphical score, created from two photographs of The Pinnacles, with a recording of the live performance :

Like A Drawn And Quartered Eagle

As part of a homage to Charles Ives, live at the WAAPA Music Auditorium.

Gravy Murphy – Beaming

I was asked by Gravy Murphy to create a music visualisation from his debut album, ‘The World Is Your Moisture’, released on Metal Postcard Records. I chose ‘Beaming’.

Civil Eyes / The Wild

Was originally titled Readycut Residency and slated to be held at the Readycut Cottage in Namadgi National Park. Due to prescribed burns, neither happened but we went out to Kosciusko National Park and spent three days near Pockets Hut, ~5km from the nearest road and with no power or running water. It was a great experience on several levels – firstly, to intimately learn about the land surrounding us, secondly to learn about each other, and thirdly to highlight how important it is, as artists, to be quick-thinking.

We created a full show, and here are some excerpts from the performance at Smith’s Alternative, Canberra.