— Disquiet Junto Project 0449: Page Machine The Assignment: Read a page of text from a book as if it were a musical score. —

For this assignment, I chose Leslie Feinberg’s seminal genderqueer novel, Stone Butch Blues. One of the most striking elements about Stone Butch Blues is the constant juxtapositioning between moments of sweetness [between the protagonist, Jess, and their community], and moments of violence [imposed by others outside of the community]. Sometimes this will even happen on the same page. Random Number Generator gave me one such page, where a tender moment between Jess and their partner at a bar is abruptly halted by police-instigated violence outside. I viewed the two sections of the narrative as contour lines, like a landscape – the tender, curving paragraphs on the first half of the page being interrupted by the angular, confrontational lines on the second.

Created in Iannix and Ableton 10. Original sound sample of broken glass courtesy of Zeinel @ Freesound.