Seeing Sound is an audio-visual installation explores these questions by allowing audience members to trigger sounds onto a live projection. The installation features MIDI controllers connected to the Hydrowoofer (a subwoofer filled with water), sound-reactive coloured LED lights and multiple projections to create an immersive experience. Cymatic patterns produced by sound-displaced water from the Hydrowoofer are blended with various footages of Yellagonga Regional Park in a colourful, interactive synergy of light and sound.

Seeing Sound features field recordings of various birds, as well as field footage from Yellagonga Regional Park. The installation allows audiences to engage with the biodiversity in the Joondalup area.

This installation is a collaboration between Jean-Michel Maujean and Cissi Tsang, two audio-visual artists who have been exploring meaningful relationships between the aural and visual.

LOCATION: Joondalup Library

PROJECT: Audio Visual Installation

10 NOVEMBER 2016 –
7:30PM TO 9:30PM
11 NOVEMBER 2016 –
7:30PM TO 10:30PM
12 NOVEMBER 2016 –
7:30PM TO 10:30PM
13 NOVEMBER 2016 –
7:30PM TO 9:30PM