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Review of Cry Baby – Fringe Feed, 2021

Stand out star of Cry Baby has to be Cissi Guitar Demon. As their name suggests, Cissi knows how to shred. Their understated presence allows their axe to sing with a ferocity that is infectious. A definite highlight. 

Interview with Hey Drums:

I’ve always wanted to play the drums because it’s such a powerful, primal instrument, so it was exciting when I finally got the chance. In a lot of ways it’s one of most physically close instruments to a person – not only are you striking the instrument, but it’s also the closest to replicating your heartbeat.

Yeah I Know It Sucks Review – ‘…together’

Yeah I Know It Sucks Review – ‘The Light At The End’

Creating music from the organic, Samarobryn creates a haunting, visual experience from the simplicities of nature. Using bird calls and the wind she turns familiar sounds in to powerful art. Deep and thought provoking, this could be the future of music … – The AU Review

I was surprised myself when looking over what I’d been listening to most this year, but this sound art album from Australian soloist samarobryn has been on my playlists every week since its release in June. Real name Cissi Tsang, she created this spacious masterpiece from a combination of field recordings, histograms from a photo converted into frequencies, guitar, vocals and percussion. – Chaos Theory

Yeah I Know It Sucks Review – ‘Beringbooding’

Yeah I Know It Sucks Review – ‘There Is No Escape From Yourself’

ECU: No experience necessary for ensemble that embraces DIY ethos

The Advisor Interview – Hypnotic Hex

The Equal Ground Review – ‘F32, The Path Less Travelled’

Leng Pleng Weekly Wrap, summing up the Potato Stars / timeofhex Cambodian tour in one succinct paragraph!

“Potato Stars and Time of Hex are two more international acts visiting Cambodia this week. Australian musicians Falcon Randwick and Cissi Tsang decided to bravely carry on with the scheduled tour when half of their party got stopped at the airport before leaving the country (something to do with visas being ripped out of passports by jealous girlfriends… probably best not to ask). Fortunately, the rock-solid Ned Kelly was on hand to draft in a replacement band, comprising of himself on bass guitar, Shuhei Murakami on lead guitar and Alan Ou on drums. The guys rallied well and delivered a set of original Potato Stars pop-punk tunes at Sharky Bar last night, preceded by the excellent and experimental avant-garde guitar sounds of Time of Hex.”