In Orbit

In Orbit

In Orbit was a two-piece progressive metal band, consisting of myself on guitar, vocals and drums, and Tarik on drums and guitar. The band was an exploration of the dynamics of a two-piece setup.

We were known for being LOUD.

We regularly gigged around Perth, playing at a variety of venues (from the Rosemount to the back of a flower-lined truck and anything in between) and also released a five-track EP in December 2013, recorded at Sound Suite Studios:

Reviews of ‘Innerspace’:

Cure is a great introductory track for In Orbit, placing the band firmly in the NWOBHM style of Venom, Mercyful Fate, and early Twisted Sister. The band gets into a groove that would make Suicidal Tendencies and Anthrax proud; In Orbit is able to infuse these traditionally-styled cuts with something vibrant, current, and contemporary. – NeuFuture Magazine

[In Orbit] immediately get gritty and dirty with the opener “Cure,” which is one of the highlights on the album. A circular guitar lead is grounded as a kinetic drumbeat establishes the tempo. Once the vocals enter there is a tinge of ‘80s hair metal that sounds great on the band. Not unlike the White Stripes the guitar parts have memorable, meaty fills that tear and scream at the seams. “This Is” is another solid track that further establishes the band’s ability to write a worthy tune while “Still Of The Night” features some nasty palm muting techniques and visceral drumming. – The Equal Ground

The first thing you notice is the massive sound. The downtuned and multilayered guitars and vocals perfectly masks any “limitations” of the two member lineup. Listening to tracks such as “Cure” or “This Is”, you’d think there was more to the sound than just drums and guitar. – Life Is Noise