Difficult Listening 24/2/19 – Interview + Live Set

Stalwart of the Perth Experimental scene Eduardo Cossio invited me onto Difficult Listening to have a chat about my practice and to perform a live set. Here’s the re-stream 🙂 https://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/difficultlistening-2019-02-24/

Hypnotic Hex

This interview, with G. Mitchell, originally appeared in The Advisor in 2015. The Cambodian-based, English-language newspaper has since folded, but here is the reproduced text.  Binary coding and digital data storage doesn’t exactly evoke visions of dreamy soundscapes and innovative musical creation – except if you’re artist Cissi Tsang. ­Tsang, aka timeofhex, explains the technique…

Midnight Special Interview – 27th July

I had a lovely chat with Miko on RTRFM’s Midnight Special recently, where I spoke about what drives my practice, my adventures in the Wheatbelt, my on-going collaboration with Lauren Broom called Collapsing Time and my favourite nature sounds. I also reveal one of my favourite hidden WA locations! Have a listen here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2017-07-27/

You Are Here Artist Spotlight – 13th April

I had some fun being interviewed as part of You Are Here, where I had a chat about my practice and my experience at Namadgi. I like interviews because it makes me reflect on my practice. Sometimes, I find myself so caught up with the ‘doing’ side of art without the time to consider the…

Hypnotic Hex – Interview with The Advisor

I had an interview with The Advisor, an English-language Cambodian entertainment magazine during the Potato Stars/timeofhex tour of Cambodia in 2015. The magazine then promptly went belly up, so here is the interview with G. Mitchell, originally published 9th April 2015: Hypnotic Hex Binary coding and digital data storage doesn’t exactly evoke visions of dreamy…