Author: Cissi Tsang

Snippets of ni-Vanuatu Life

In Vanuatu, soccer is a massive thing. Despite Tanna’s isolation [it is 90mins by plane - if you can call a Cessna 6-seater flying lawnmower a 'plane'] there are soccer pitches:

Soccer in Tanna

Pet lizards are not uncommon on Vanuatu, this lizard’s owner lives in the Secret Garden, Efate. Very relaxed lizard but was adamant it was not going to eat that flower:

Pet Lizard

Eton School in Efate. Off-the-grid and lacking resources, but the teachers and students are very enthusiastic. This teacher is conducting a singalong with his class:


The Relic

Vanuatu was used by American forces as a base during the Pacific Theatre of WWII. While fortunately war never made it onto the island, there are remnants of those days scattered around the islands. The most famous legacy of this is the cargo cult developed around John Frum, with ni-Vanuatu believing him to be their saviour and worshipping goods that were dropped or left behind by soldiers.

There are also more subtle signs, such as this tank just off the coast of Efate:

The Relic

Old Fremantle Power Station

One of the favourite haunts for Perthians wanting to photograph abandoned buildings is the old Fremantle Power Station. There’s something apocalyptic and haunting about it – almost like a remnant of some catastrophe with its gutted interiors and broken windows. I went to visit yesterday and unfortunately couldn’t get in because security was patrolling the area [it is still private property and apparently a heritage site]. I did get to see another group of photogs being busted!

May try again another day.

Old Fremantle Power Station

Slow exposure, take II

I’ve been experimenting with slow exposure recently. I’m drawn to it because think it gives a picture a dreamy quality. It’s also an interesting change of pace for me, because I usually take action shots that require a lot of quick responses and movement from me. Slow exposure shots are a more meditative process where you must wait for the camera shutter to close.