Corridor (2019) – field recording from an underpass at Neerabup National Park. Presented at ACMC 2019 in Melbourne and #IWD sound installation at DIT, Ireland.
Resonance (2019)

Water Study (2018)
From a residency at the Burren College of Art, Ireland. A reflection on how water has affected the landscape, from the rivers to the sea. Original recording: water from the Burren falling into a water tank.
The Cleansing Of Summer – music visualisation of a summer storm recorded in Southern Cross, December 2017.

Bering(forboding)(2017). Field recordings, voice, histogram from field photograph. Field material taken at Beringbooding Rock, December 2016. Presented at ACMC 2017.

Hidden Landscapes (2016). Field recordings and guitar. Created during the Silence Awareness Existence residency at Arteles Creative Centre, Finland, November 2016.

The Light That Is Waiting – made from field footage taken at The Pinnacles, Western Australia. Performed with Nicole Canham and Decibel New Music for the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address in Perth, 2016.